Monday, April 15, 2019

The Dads of Destiny Small Group Program from NCF

A senior account executive at Johnson Controls, Inc., Matthew Musheno is responsible for meeting client expectations, securing large projects in retrofits and new construction, and managing sales, operations, and project development teams. Outside of work, Matthew Musheno enjoys spending time with his family and supports the National Center for Fathering (NCF).

Since 1990, NCF has been improving the lives of children by establishing a positive fathering legacy. This is accomplished, in part, by the organization’s many training programs, including its small group training. Currently, NCF offers its Dads of Destiny small group training program to current fathers to help them develop the practical skills they need for strengthening their family.

The Dads of Destiny series consists of three six-week courses. The first course, “Dads of Destiny,” covers the topics of assessing personal fathering heritage and learning the I-CANs (involvement, consistency, awareness, and nurturance) of fathering. 

Meanwhile, the second course, “Going the Distance,” focuses on topics such as spiritual equipping, commitment, and support from other fathers, and the third course, “Communicating with Your Family,” deals with handling problems and giving affirmations.

These three courses are designed to stand alone, but they do complement one another when taken together. Each small group of fathers participating in the program are led by an NCF-trained leader and are responsible for choosing when they proceed to each subsequent course in the Dads of Destiny program.