Monday, April 22, 2019

Three Categories of Low-Voltage Systems Seen in Commercial Buildings

An award-winning sales executive, Matthew Musheno has been with Johnson Controls, Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia, for nearly 20 years. He joined the company as a sales engineer in 1999 and has moved his way up at the organization to his current role of senior account executive. In this position, Matthew Musheno is primarily responsible for securing large-scale, complex low-voltage systems projects, both in new construction developments and retrofits.

Low-voltage systems typically use under 50 volts of electricity. Designed for the protection of a building’s occupants, they include systems such as security sensors and doorbells in residential homes and security alarms and surveillance for commercial buildings. The following is an overview of the three low-voltage system categories seen in commercial construction:

1. Fire protection systems

In addition to ensuring people on the premises are safe, fire protection systems protect against property damage resulting from fire and smoke. Some of the most common fire protection systems integrated into commercial buildings are fire alarms and fire suppression systems. The latter may use wet chemicals, liquid, foam, or dry chemicals to put out a fire on site.

2. Sound and communication systems

Low-voltage sound and communication systems include everything from nurse call and intercom systems to wireless clocks. The purpose of such systems is to create a synchronized workplace that can easily communicate regardless of the distance between people. Not only do communication systems improve employee efficiency, but they also heighten safety since potential dangers can be easily announced throughout the building.

3. Security systems

As the popularity of security systems has grown in recent years, the rate of criminal behavior has decreased. With these types of systems in place, building owners can keep an eye on their business and track movement in and out of the building. Video surveillance cameras, intrusion detection systems, and access control systems are all part of the security system category.